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Our Team

Kiran Duhra, family doctor accepting new patients at Calgary medical clinic

Kiran Duhra, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Duhra completed her family medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan and promptly moved back to the city she grew up in. She has an interest in women's health and often receives consults from her colleagues for IUD placements. In her spare time she walks her dog, feeds her dog and hangs out with her dog. Depending on who you ask she may or may not be looking at getting another.

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Jennifer Edge, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Edge was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University and Master of Science at the University of Oxford. Prior to pursuing medicine, she was a consultant in global health research at the World Health Organization in Geneva and Harvard University’s Global Health Institute in Boston. She completed both her medical studies and Family Medicine Residency in Calgary. She enjoys full-scope family practice, preventative health care, complex chronic disease management and performs several in-office procedures. You can also find her on the wards as a Hospitalist physician.

Mike Forseth, family doctor accepting new patients at Calgary medical clinic

Mike Forseth, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Mike Forseth grew up in Calgary, obtained an undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University and completed his medical studies at Flinders Medical School in Australia. He stayed in Australia for a total of 10 years where he worked in rural general practice and learned to surf. He is an avid skier, mountain biker and outdoorsman. He is also a proud husband and new dad. Dr. Mike is excited to be working in the town he grew up in.

Matt Henschke, family doctor accepting new patients at Calgary medical clinic

Matt Henschke, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Matt is a farm kid that still kind of misses working on the farm. He's been a little bit of everywhere for his schooling. He started at Medicine Hat College and the University of Alberta and studied medicine at the University of Calgary. He pursued his family medicine residency at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. After graduation he moved back to Calgary. Dr. Matt has a strong geriatric practice and works in several independent and supportive living facilities. In his spare time he enjoys computer programming (particularly in Ruby) and pretends to be fit by going hiking and trying to ski. The skiing part is still very much a work in progress.

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Jennifer Mikhayel, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Mikhayel was born and raised in Calgary where she grew up with far too many cousins while trying to juggle learning English, Arabic, and French simultaneously. She completed her undergraduate and medical degrees in Calgary before making her way to the East Coast. She spent the next two years travelling the province and falling in love with both the people and medicine of rural Newfoundland. Sad to leave all the seafood behind, she drove across the country and made her way back to Calgary where she has been practicing full scope family medicine including keeping up with her emergency skills in rural communities, working at an assisted living facility, and participating in comprehensive family medicine care. She enjoys doing office based procedures, including IUDs and biopsies, and will happily drain any abscess that comes her way.

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Antony Ng, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Antony Ng originally grew up in Vancouver, but formally became a Calgarian during his residency training in family medicine at the University of Calgary. His interests in family medicine include everything and anything, which drew him to the specialty.
From growing up fixing toilets (among various other things) with his father, Dr. Ng enjoys hands-on work and is also able to provide several office-based procedures for patients. 
As a guiding side-note, his last name is pronounced 'ing' - you'll have to pretend there's a vowel even though we all know there isn't one.


Kevin Nguyen, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Kevin Nguyen was born and raised on the west coast in Victoria, B.C. He grew up playing hockey and is an avid sports fan. He completed his undergraduate in Biochemistry at McGill University and obtained his medical degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He then pursued his family medicine residency at the University of Calgary. After residency, he sought to complete specialized
training in cosmetics. Dr. Nguyen has a special interest in facial rejuvenation, aesthetic medicine, as well as trigger point injections for myofascial pain.


Mariko Shibata, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Shibata was born and raised in Calgary. She completed her medical school and family medicine residency at the University of Alberta in 2011. She started a family practice in Edmonton and her patients truly became like family to her over the 3.5 years that she practiced there. This made it very difficult for her when she ultimately decided to close this practice and move to Calgary to grow a little family of her own. She is now a proud mother of two amazing children. She is excited to develop her family practice again in Calgary. She has particular interests in women’s health and dermatology. When not at work and mothering, she takes special interest in music, dance and all things art.

Adrienne Weir, family doctor accepting new patients at Calgary medical clinic

Adrienne Weir, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Weir received her medical training at University College Dublin in Ireland and completed a residency in Family Medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has been in practice since 2014 and worked in a rural fishing town in Nova Scotia for two years before returning home to Calgary in 2017.
She grew up spending the summers hiking and camping in the Rockies and the winters skiing and snowshoeing in Banff. She spends most of her time out of the office reading up on current events and getting outside for music festivals and adventures in nature. Prior to beginning her career in medicine, Dr. Weir obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Cell Biology. Her practice interests include elder care, women’s health, sexual health, and palliative care. Her other medical interests include statistics, data analysis, and knowledge translation.


Rosh Wadhwa, MBBS CCFP (SEM) DipSportMed

Sport Physician

Dr. Rosh Wadhwa was born and raised in Calgary. He left at the age of 18 to attend medical school at the Hull York Medical School in the United Kingdom from 2008 - 2013. Subsequently, he continued his training in hospital in the UK prior to moving back to Calgary in 2014. He completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Calgary from 2016-2018. In 2019, he concluded his 12 month Fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic and achieved his CASEM Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine. Dr. Wadhwa has spent the last year practicing Sports Medicine and Family Medicine in downtown Toronto.

Dr. Wadhwa's passion is basketball, but he has provided sideline sporting event medical coverage for a variety of sports including football, hockey, and rugby. He has also provided ring side coverage for boxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, and Karate. 

An advocate of leading a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Wadhwa is an avid weight-lifter, and has a special interest in nutrition. He is active with snowboarding through the winter, and enjoys video games.


Saif Zahir, MD

General Practitioner

Dr. Saif Zahir grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta. He received his Bachelor's in Biochemistry at the University of Lethbridge before attending medical school at the University of Calgary. He had significant difficulty deciding what type of medicine he was most passionate about, so he picked "all of the above" and went into family medicine. He acted as chief resident of the family medicine resident program at Western University in London, Ontario, before returning back to Calgary due to their serious deficiency in prairies and mountains. He is also a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine. He practiced as a locum physician for several years before joining Britannia in March 2021.

He has strong interests in general primary care, including minor office procedures (suturing, biopsies, IUD insertions), elder care (aging gracefully), polypharmacy (keeping medication lists as short as possible), prenatal medicine (healthy moms lead to healthy babies), mental health (in all its shapes and forms), and clinical informatics (how digitization of health impacts medicine).

Occasionally, you will find him practicing in an emergency department or hospital in rural Alberta.

Outside of medicine, he loves cooking, hiking, biking, running, photography, cats, and public libraries. Dr. Zahir is perfectly fine if you call him Dr. Z instead. He'll let you decide if that's pronounced "zee" or "zed".

Our Primary Care Network Team

Health Information Coordinator and Patient Care Coordinator

The Health Information Coordinator and the Patient Care Coordinator use the clinic’s electronic medical
records system to provide robust, quality information to your doctor and assist with the coordination of
patient care to the appropriate health professionals.

Both positions work with all members of your healthcare team in a collaborative effort to engage,
encourage and support patient health. They are integral members of the team that assists your doctor to build and sustain your Patient Medical Home.

Primary Care Nurse

A Primary Care Nurse assists patients in meeting their health needs with comprehensive care and
education that is centred on the individual. They help you, the patient, understand your health and
promote shared decision-making, behaviour change and self-management to improve your quality of
life and health.

Primary Care Nurses assess, manage and support patients in collaboration with the Patient Medical
Home team. This interprofessional team designs and implements initiatives to make practical
improvements to patient care and safety. The process includes but is not limited to developing care
plans, evaluating outcomes and providing followup with the patient population.

Behavioural Health Consultant

A Behavioural Health Consultant works to identify and address a wide range of behavioural health and
mental health concerns with the goal of early identification, quick resolution, long-term prevention and
general wellness. They collaborate with the other members of your health team to support a holistic
approach to patient care, acknowledging that all aspects of health – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – are interconnected.

The Behavioural Health Consultant assesses, manages and supports patients in collaboration with the care plans, evaluating outcomes and providing followup with the patient population.  Patient Medical Home team. This interprofessional team designs and implements initiatives to make practical improvements to patient care and safety. The process includes but is not limited to developing care plans, evaluating outcomes and providing followup with the patient population.

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